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Margaritas Podridas


MARGARITAS PODRIDAS ...(Rotten Daisies) is a rock band formed in Hermosillo, Sonora, which consists of Carolina Enríquez (bass/vocals), Esli Meuly (guitar) and Rafael Armenta (guitar/drums). Their debut album "Porcelain Mannequin" was released in 2018, it is available on all common music platforms and it was released on vinyl. Three years later they released their second album self-titled "Margaritas Podridas" in April of 2021 and they have been very active since, playing important shows in Mexico and United States such as opening for IDLES in Mexico City at Palacio de Los Deportes, Festivals such as Golden Voice’s This Ain’t No Picnic (Pasadena, California) Ruido Fest (Chicago,IL) and opening for the Melvins in Los Angeles. Their latest single “No Quiero Ser Madre” was released recently this year in August, bringing back the punk and raw sound that characterizes the band. Margaritas have recorded important live sessions such as KEXP from Seattle (available on YouTube) and VansChannel6

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