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Community Richtlinien

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We define hate speech as content that does or intends to attack, threaten, incite violence against, or dehumanize an individual or a group of individuals on the basis of protected attributes. We also do not allow content that verbally or physically threatens violence or depicts harm to an individual or a group based on any of the following protected attributes:

  • Race
  • Ethnicity
  • National origin
  • Religion
  • Caste
  • Sexual orientation
  • Sex
  • Gender
  • Gender identity
  • Serious disease or disability
  • Immigration status

Do not post:

Content that dehumanizes or incites violence or hatred against individuals or groups, based on the attributes listed above, including but not limited to: claiming that they are physically or morally inferior calling for or justifying violence against them claiming that they are criminals referring negatively to them as animals, inanimate objects, or other non-human entities promoting or justifying exclusion, segregation, or discrimination against them
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