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With eloquent and sharp lyrics that make use of satire and humor, the rapper dives into different styles of reggaeton —from classic and old school to mixes with cumbia, funk carioca, dembow, reggae, electronic music and other genres— addressing taboo subjects such as female pleasure and sexuality. It also denounces some of problems the LGBTTIQ community frequently faces, such as discrimination, censorship and violence to convey a message of strong political and social content. Her song "Ni Una Menos" from her first album Sátira (2017) is part of the soundtrack of the Netflix series "Valeria”. "Ni Una Menos" is also the soundtrack of the humorous and feminist pedagogical guide Tool Box broadcast by the educational platform UNITV and for the documentary produced by Canal Encuentro called "El crio de la Marea". The singer was selected by the BBC as one of the most influential women in the world for its 2017 “100 women series”. She also took part in the documentary "A girl's band" (2019).

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