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PU$$¥ X+

Das Werk

◤ PU$$¥ X+ | a drag rave goes sexpositive ∆ ANANAS x Werk | pride truck afterparty ∆ 17.06.23 | 22:00 - 06:00 || Das WERK __________________________________________ ∆ techno + drag performances = techno belongs in the club, drag belongs on the stage. if there is a stage in the club, there is no reason not to combine both. the event series PU$$¥ by the viennese collective ANANAS makes just that possible, offering something for all senses and every creature of the night. __________________________________________ ◤ ENTRANCE & TICKETS ∆ TICKETS: ntry.at/pussy006 ∆ more information on our Telegram channel: bit.ly/ANANAStelegram ∆ having a ticket is no entrance guarantee ∆ having the right attitude is __________________________________________ ◤ AWARENESS ∆ ANANAS Awareness instagram.com/ananasawareness ◤ RESPECT come as you are and dance with us the whole night || we want to create a safer space for everyone || to ensure this we need a few rules: ∆ respect the location and the people arou

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